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At Gardenia Homes, we’re dedicated to simplifying your real estate journey in Dubai. Offering a diverse portfolio of properties and personalized service, we cater to the needs of both buyers and sellers. With our expert guidance and commitment to excellence, we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Discover the difference with Gardenia Homes and unlock your real estate potential today.


Revamped Website Layout & Designs

  • Outdated website design and layout hindering user engagement.
  • Lack of dedicated property landing pages leading to disorganized property listings.
  • Inefficient categorization of off-plan and ready move properties causing confusion for users.
  • Poor UI / UX elements contributing to a subpar user experience and navigation difficulties.
  • Inconsistent design across different sections of the website impacting brand perception.
  • Limited accessibility and functionality on various devices and screen sizes.

Creative Branding:

  • YVOLV lacked cohesive branding guidelines, leading to inconsistencies in messaging and design elements.
  • Establishing a clear brand persona was challenging due to the absence of standardized branding principles.
  • The existing brand persona lacked definition, making it difficult to convey a consistent and impactful identity.
  • Innovative and visually appealing design elements were required to redefine the overall user experience.


  • The social media marketing pages needed a complete overhaul, starting from scratch to align with YVOLV’s objectives.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts were initiated to enhance online visibility and attract a broader audience.
  • Strategizing and executing effective marketing initiatives posed challenges in overcoming user acquisition hurdles.
  • Convincing users to download the app and subscribe required a comprehensive approach, addressing visibility and engagement concerns.

Solution & Results

Website Transition:

In transitioning Gardenia Homes’ website, we aimed to boost user engagement. We revamped the UI/UX layouts with better navigation and user-friendly design elements. The result? Improved interaction, longer site visits, and increased customer satisfaction.

Organic Website Traffic increase by 400%



Gardenia Homes saw a big boost in website traffic, jumping by a whopping 1280%. Our effective SEO strategies, both Organic and Local, attracted lots of new users. This shows how our SEO solutions really helped Gardenia Homes get more visible online and engage more users.  

Social Media Visitors increased by 450%

Gardenia Homes, achieved a remarkable 450% increase in social media visitors. Through strategic digital marketing initiatives and engaging content, Gardenia Homes successfully amplified its online presence, resulting in significant growth in social media traffic.

Generated 100+ Leads via Social Media Campaigns


Our marketing team makes Gardenia Homes’ success by securing over 100 leads through effective social media campaigns. With targeted strategies and compelling content, Techno Digital drove real results, helping Gardenia Homes grow its customer base and meet its objectives.

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