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Techno Financials - Human Capital Management System in UAE

Techno Financials - Human Capital Management System in UAE

In the UAE, Techno Financials' HCM module is a game-changer, allowing managers and teams to effortlessly manage comprehensive employee information. This includes payroll processing, promotions, and adjustments in compensation – all conveniently accessible through a single module!

What is Human Capital Management (HCM)?

Human Capital Management is how companies handle their employees. This involves guiding, developing, and making employees more valuable to the company. HCM sees the workforce as an asset that can be nurtured and grown, not just a cost.

Transform the way you manage your People

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  • Customizable Interface
  • Employee Self Service
  • Currently supports Integrations with Workday, Okta, Slack and other API driven applications.
  • Automated process that free up management
  • Enhanced sharing of information and collaboration
  • Management gains a clearer picture of HR
  • Cost Saving
  • Reduced licensing expenses
  • Centralized Storage

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Top Features

Personnal Management

Efficiently store and manage employee personal and educational details.Streamline HR processes effortlessly.

Expense Management

Managing and approving expense reports based on company guidelines, and reimbursing employees for their eligible expenses.

Over Time Management

Taking charge of your employees' extra work hours, planning ahead, and preventing unexpected issues.

Leave Management

Handle various types of time-off requests like holidays, sick days, vacations, emergencies, and parental leave with customized policies tailored to your company.

Scheduled Notification

Get timely notifications so you don't miss out on any important information.

Employee Benefits Management

HR specialists who arrange and manage employee benefits in a company.

Payroll Management

Deals with all employee-related matters and handles them automatically, including tracking work hours and managing time off.

ESS Portal

Employees can do various things like checking and updating their personal information, and viewing or printing their pay stubs.

Separation Management

Make sure that when an employee leaves the company, it's done in an organized and proper way.

Loan Management

A system that makes getting a loan easier, handling everything from applying to final approval.

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